Enhance parent’s engagement in digital age with school management system

If as a parent you are struggling to keep your head up with various academic issues related to your child the best thing that you would need school management system. These days, life has become really fast and speedy, and as such parents find it really hard to be on top of each and every school-related communications of their children. It is very important for schools to have parents that are responsive. This allows them to work in an effective and efficient manner. However, families are caught in the crossfire between family life and the work that they need to do keep their fire burning. The economic condition these days, These days, the amount of families who have both parents working is

What is Myschool.ly ERP?

Myschool.ly ERP has been built to assist institutions in automating their processes, data management, to derive actionable insights into daily processes, and to help institutions with managing each and every resource. It is a part of technology currently powers 40000+ Institutions, all of these Institutions find various different applications of other than just being an ERP, some of the most common uses include Data Management Software Fees collection and management software, Finances management, Transport and Hostel management Attendance management Parent, Student, Teacher communication tool Inventory management Exam - Results management Myschool.ly ERP is a very vast tool, it comes wit

Why institutes considered underrated if they won’t use school management software?

Institutes such as schools form an important part of our society. It is the schools upon whom the onus of helping the next generation rests. It is the schools that create and develop the students in such a way that they are able to contribute better to the society. They help the students grow in the truest sense of the word by helping them develop various new skills, nurturing them in such a way that they grow up to be confident individuals, and by imparting knowledge. This is the reason why it is highly vital that an institution has all the tools it needs to fulfill its role properly enough. Manual management of routine A school can always manage its routine in a manual way but that is alwa

Signs that your school needs a School ERP System

Don’t let the lack of the right school ERP system result in failure Navigating school life can feel like fighting one minuscule batter after another. This is the case for everyone. For students, it’s coping with academic pressures and social agony of growing up. For educators, it’s trying to balance managing hormonal children for eight hours a day while also imparting constructive advice on methods of lifelong learning. For non-education staff or administrators, it is to ensure that the latter two don’t have their institution fall down around their ears while accomplishing their goals. For parents, it is building a sense of connection that their chosen school is standing tall in their stead

How Your School Management Software Can Help Students

School management, when done right, is something that can help administrators, teachers, and students have a successful and enjoyable day, week, month, semester at school. Having the right school management software is what enables this all to happen. How can it have a positive impact on your students? Student Information There is a lot of information about students that need to be collated. Attendance records, health information, homework grades, any discipline issues, any kind of achievement in or out of school, and, of course, whether there are any issues with their home life that could have an impact on their school work. Having all of this information in one, easy to manage, easy to acc

Make your school ERP software work for you

Do you know what your school ERP software can actually do? The goal with your school ERP software should be that it takes over processes that are currently plaguing stakeholders – overwhelmed administrators should not be bogged by repetitive tasks. These processes can easily be automated through tech, leaving administrators to focus on handling real issues or reduce labour costs for the institution. Similarly, an inability to handle scale must not prevent institutions from reaching their full potential. In situations where an entire student population has to be managed, the rate of human error is high, and understandably so. Asking an exhausted office administrator to make call after call to

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