Sarya Information Technology LTD

General Vision


No matter how important it is that the school administration is successful, the school administration represents the actual field for the concerted efforts of its staff, teachers and administrators in running the management


The functional tasks of the school administration are many tasks and responsibilities that do not stop at the administrative aspects, but include educational guidance, which is important to follow the progress of the educational process and the diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses and guide teachers


Al-Qoof Information Technology Co. Ltd. is interested in investing in the educational field and contributes to the advancement of education in Libya and improving the administrative efficiency of schools and various educational institutions


From this point of view, the company works through an integrated team of engineers and technicians and through its headquarters in the city of Tripoli with all schools and educational institutions hand in hand to reach an administrative level that matches international standards



The My School system simplifies and simplifies daily routine administrative procedures for educational institutions, staff and teachers so that they can focus on what is most important to our children's education.

We are working to bridge the existing gap in our Libyan schools by offering MySCHOOL software as an open source and premium services at affordable prices.


MySCHOOL is a program that brings everyone into an integrated system, providing you with much more time, effort and everything your organization needs than ever before.


The My School Plus program includes 50 features such as exams, results, attendance and absence, an instant chat program between the student's tutor and the teacher, detailed student status reports and many other features.