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Sarya Information Technology Company provides a work license to the contracted educational institution to purchase a copy of its own for the entire period of the contract and the coming years. is electronic system managing the educational institutions in an integrated manner and to facilitate and organize the daily routine administrative work of the educational institution. The system contains advanced and smart technologies, which contribute to raising the efficiency of the educational institution.

System components and functions:

Management of study materials and student payments

Managing the system of examinations and monthly/quarterly/annual reports (sheets).

· Human Resource Management

Managing a system of detailed and customized reports

Student attendance and absence management

Schedule of courses and classes

Exam management

Multiple control panels

Student registration

Events and news management

User management

Financial management (fees/salaries/expenses/reports)

· student information

IOS/Android smart device app

Employee/Teacher Login

Student/guardian login Internal system for messages

Data management

Transportation Department

Tasks and duties management

Store and library management

Report management center

Photo album studio

Email link

Duration of contract and service

The term of the contract is from the date of signing the contract and is automatically renewed for one year without the need to sign a new contract. The educational institution benefits from the system and works with it for an unlimited period, and the system is considered its right.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The two parties undertake not to disclose any information whatsoever to any other party regarding the agreement and the technology used in the system.


The technical team at Al Sariyah Information Technology Company is responsible for providing the appropriate training for the targeted educational institution members. Training on operating the electronic system is divided into two types:

System Administrator - Finance Officer - Academic Officer - Student and Teacher Registration.

Technical support

The company is committed to training the agreed stuff during the first year of signing the contract, technical support is given by the support department 6 days a week throughout the academic year.


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