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Make your school ERP software work for you

Do you know what your school ERP software can actually do?

The goal with your school ERP software should be that it takes over processes that are currently plaguing stakeholders – overwhelmed administrators should not be bogged by repetitive tasks. These processes can easily be automated through tech, leaving administrators to focus on handling real issues or reduce labour costs for the institution.

Similarly, an inability to handle scale must not prevent institutions from reaching their full potential. In situations where an entire student population has to be managed, the rate of human error is high, and understandably so. Asking an exhausted office administrator to make call after call to contact parents about a critical incident will lead to some calls slipping through the cracks. It is also time-consuming and expensive. School ERP software can easily take over this job.

Finally, personalised communications. This generation of scholars has grown up in an increasingly technologically rich world where they have had access to mediums catering to specifically them. Studies also show that personalization of education is the way of the future – it results in enriched learning and better educational and career outcomes in the long term.

So why should our school ERP software be left behind? The key lies in looking for a school ERP software that is robust enough to handle scale and multiple processes, but also capable of personalisation. The three problems described above are a good litmus test when choosing between competing school ERP software.

Here are the features to keep an eye out for in each scenario:

Handling admissions smoothly

Admission is a rigorous test for any school ERP software. The right one will be able to handle the entire process from end to end with no last mile collapses. A brief overview of features to look for include, a robust backend that can handle an influx of applications, an applicant and application management system, an internal dashboard or management system to help process incoming applications, a system that allows for easy categorization of applicants into lists, and communication of admissions decisions in a timely and private fashion. A school ERP software may offer you a lot of bells and whistles, but these features are a must-have.

Crisis communications at scale

The best response to any crisis is a well-prepared one. Having a management plan to handle every conceivable situation is necessary. Being familiar with the tools that will enable you to stick to the plan will give you the extra edge. What can a school ERP system do in a crisis? The right one for you will be able to immediately protect sensitive information by various accessibility levels for users, have parental or guardian information collated and updated online and offline in one place, will be able to schedule messages through the right medium depending on the occasion for these lists, and will have a single window display for school news and updates where parents and students can check for updates from a reliable official source in case of crises.

Personalised interactions for every single stakeholder

A gap in communication can spell lasting doom for students, teachers, and parents alike. On the flip side, a united front built on strong communication ensures all-around success. When looking for a school ERP software, pick one that allows for communication through multiple mediums – from SMS to instant messaging – between individuals and groups. This ensures confidentiality, personalisation, and a more focused feels to discussions.

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