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Signs that your school needs a School ERP System

Don’t let the lack of the right school ERP system result in failure

Navigating school life can feel like fighting one minuscule batter after another. This is the case for everyone. For students, it’s coping with academic pressures and social agony of growing up. For educators, it’s trying to balance managing hormonal children for eight hours a day while also imparting constructive advice on methods of lifelong learning. For non-education staff or administrators, it is to ensure that the latter two don’t have their institution fall down around their ears while accomplishing their goals. For parents, it is building a sense of connection that their chosen school is standing tall in their stead and their children are being prepped well for what life has in store for them.

With all this chaos, any school’s best friend is a system or a process that will lend some sanity to their day to day. Technology, of course, has been the biggest boon for the education sector in this regard. A cutting-edge school ERP system can revolutionise the functioning of your institution in more ways than one. But, as anyone who has engaged with a school will know, the budget is always a constraint. Scrimping and saving is the educator’s ethos and things are not very different when it comes to implementing educational technology.

One must move with the times, but sensibly. Every rupee spent must bring a return, so how does one know when your school is in need of the latest educational technology fad.

So what are the signs that your school might be in desperate need of some technological assistance?

Take a quick glance below to see if any of these three seem familiar to you:

No amount of planning makes admissions a stress-free process

Ask any school administrator what the most stressful time of the year is and you will find an even split between those who find examinations as stressful as their students or those who will insist that admissions time is much tougher. Does your school seem to never be able to keep up with the demands of the day? You might plan for greater volumes, have back ups ready for when things go down, or even just resign yourself to the process. A robust school ERP system, however, is the only thing that is likely to make admissions run a little more smoothly than the year before.

You do not have an efficient crisis management plan in place.

A school is a home away from home for the students it is educating. And a home must always be a safe haven for a child. However, in trying times like the present, schools are increasingly becoming targets in a chaotic world. Less terrifying is the inevitability of a child that chose to wander off or an act of god that has changed the routine. A school ERP system has communication portals – from instant, SMS alerts going out to the entire student directory to private communication between teachers, students, and parents – that make it easy to manage a crisis no matter how small or large.

Mishaps arise due to communication failures

Any psychologist will tell you that most conflict arises due to a failure in communication. It is not just children we are trying to educate to cope fruitfully with the outside world, but ourselves – the acquisition of good communication skills is a lifelong endeavour. A school ERP system provides multiple portals to enable us to achieve this goal. Instantaneous, easy, accessible, and most importantly, private communication channels on your school ERP system make connecting with a student, parent, teacher, or staff as easy as can be.

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