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Ultimate School ERP Software for all kind of Institutes

Kindergarten - primary - intermediate - secondary education

Every feature you will ever need to run your organization efficiently.


Dashboard login for teachers, administrators students and parents and rest of the staff. Helps you facilitate all the administrative processes  for your institution, from accepting new students to obtaining graduation certificates  when students complete their studies.

It allows you to manage class schedule, attendance and absence, exams, gradebook, news, library, transportation, calendar, events and many more. It also has unit integrated completely for HR and payroll management. The Finance module also helps you plan and collect different fee structures for students.

Student attendance record
adjustable control panel
User management
Student information
internal messaging system
Personnel Affairs
News management
Sign in for teacher and employee
Batches and classes
Student admission
Annual calendar of events
Student Login 
SMS System 
data management
Photo Gallery
field traning
disciplinary action
Notes about the student
The store
the library
Report Center
Assignments and duties
Export data 
Instant Fee
API access 
Import data 
raise tuition fees 
 Integrate other applications
Google SSO
Registration request
Custom Reports
Online exams
Online Payment Gateway 
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منظومة التواصل

Communication Tools

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  • Create discussions on different topics

  • Grant permissions to the student and the teacher

  • Possibility to have conversations outside of school

  • View/delete comments and recent activity

  • View all discussions

  • Create groups 

  • Comment on discussions

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Polls & Voting 

  • Create/delete/close/edit and publish polls

  • Create open or closed polls

  • You can add a title and description to the polls

  • Possibility to add multiple answers

News Management​

  • Create/Edit/Delete News

  • Search for any news using the search bar

  • View all news

  • Add news using text formatting tools

  • Edit / delete news

  • Add comments on published news

  • Possibility to delete a comment

  •  attach news files

Internal messaging system

  • ​ An integrated messaging system within the system

  • An easy and fast way to send messages to any user within the system

  • Efficient communication between management, teachers, students and parents

  •  automatic messages about events, news, tuition fees, appointments, classes, new forms, holidays, etc... customized to your institution. 

  • Attach the files with the news

Photo Gallery

  • Create a new photo album

  • Add photos

  • View/Delete Attached Images 


Annual calendar

  • Display events, exams, holidays and tuition fees collection dates in the calendar

  • A different color for each occasion according to the mentioned categories

  • View all information about the event in the calendar

  • Monthly view for all occasions 

  • Easy navigation in the monthly calendar


Create an event

  • Create any kind of event

  • A description can be added to any created event

  • The ability to add a title to the event

  • Can set if the event is a holiday

  • An event can be created for a group of students and faculty

  • Automatic alerts through SMS, email and internal messages

المنظومة الأكاديمية


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Report Cards

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Class Schedule 

  • Ease of creating and modifying the table

  • Warning when the number of classes specified for the subject in the schedule is exceeded

  • Alert when the number of classes specified for the teacher in the schedule is exceeded

  • Alert when there is a conflict in the teacher's class schedule

  • Modify and cancel schedule

  • Tracking Table  

  • Assigning teachers to work efficiently 

  • View each teacher's timetable individually​

  • View your entire organization's schedule with just one click

Student Admission ​

  • A special admission number for each student

  • Comprehensive Acceptance Form 

  • Possibility to add more than one parent

  • The ability to add an emergency phone number

  • The ability to add information about the student's previous years

  • Customization according to school standards

  • The ability to add a private picture for each student

  • Providing fingerprint identification service for each student

  • Student records management. Attach any kind of documents and data related to students

Attendance Record

  • Ease of attendance

  • The ability to add notes to the attendance record

  • Ability to take different reports on attendance 

  • Possibility to refine reports in several ways

  • Possibility to integrate it with fingerprint identification devices

Student data

  • Possibility to display students by class/batch

  • View all student information from the student's personal page

  • Customized reports according to tuition fees, activities, notes and records

  • The ability to search for current and old students

  • The possibility of advanced search for a specific category of students

Exam Administration​

  • Create different types of exams on the type of assessment

  • The possibility of creating a standardized exam for several chapters 

  • Online examination service with automatic score calculating

  • Detailed Report Center 

  • Create reports by exam

  • Quick, automated and customized reports

  • Statistical charts and reports with a better analytical point of view

  • Supports types of educational systems, normal system, GPA, CCE, ICSE and CWA

  • Report by exam and subject and consolidated and aggregated reports based on student classification for each class 

the library

  • Browse library books and select the book or books to borrow

  • Library books management

  • View/Edit/Delete/Add books

  • Add books with keywords to them

  • Sort books in different ways

  • Ordinary and detailed search for books

  • Book retrieval management

  • Book Borrowing Management

  • Preparing the library according to academic years

  • Book condition is borrowed/extended loan

  • Managing book borrowing extension

Assignments and duties

  • Upload and download notes and assignments by the teacher teacher and send them through the mobile application.

  • Online Feedback and Assignments  by students

  • The teacher can download and comment on the assignments submitted by students

Disciplinary action

  • Registering a new complaint against a student

  • View all registered complaints

  • Sort and search for a complaint

  • The possibility of adding notes and clarifications about the complaint by the participants

  •   Final Decision made by the Disciplinary Committee

  • Committee can punish or acquit the student

Online registration request

  • Comprehensive registration form

  • adjustable model

  • Manage/Modify/Delete Class Registration

  • View registration requests by several categories

  • View Request Status Accepted/Pending/Rejected 

  • Accepting or rejecting registration requests

  • Possibility to print the registration form

  • Possibility to register by subject 

  • The possibility of paying the registration fee online

المنظومة الادارية والمالية

Finance & HR


Finance Reports


  • Comprehensive tuition fee classification system

  • The system allows you to set separate fee collection dates for an easier and faster collection process.

  • Ease of identifying those who do not pay fees and the possibility of structuring fees

  • Easy fee collection process

  • With graphic upload feature for faster system use

  • Manage and pay instant fees

  • Full management for expenditures and incomes 

  • Allocate and manage   categories of expenditures and incomes

  • Adjust settings for printable fee receipts

  • Create financial reports in  custom date range

  • Online payment possibility

  • Possibility to approve or reject payroll

  • Asset and financial liability management

  • Donations Management

Staff management

  • Manage all employees from recruitment to departure

  • Editable Recruitment Form

  • Efficient payroll management

  • automatic calculation of opponents absence

  • Create payroll on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • Leave Management System

  • Create payroll

  • Standard and advanced search system

 instant fee

  • Miscellaneous fee management

  • Create a fee category and details in each fee category

  • Possibility to collect instant fees from students, staff and guests

Data and Reports

Data extraction

  • Upload all data to your server

Data upload

  • Upload student data

  • Upload parental information

  • Upload daily attendance records

  • Raising exam scores

  • Upload book data library 

  • Upload store data like goods and suppliers

  • view upload logs

  • Raising employee salary details

Custom Reports

  • Create a custom report for students and staff

  • Custom report can be given a custom name

  • Create a custom report by input criteria based on a large number of available fields

  • Create report based on user requirements

  • Arrange the display of the report as required

  • The custom report displayed can be rearranged in ascending or descending order based on any of the fields provided in the displayed report

  • view/delete custom report

البيانات والتقارير

Other services

Control Panel​

  • search bar creative

  • system is designed for a great user experience with a user friendly interface, which means that anyone with basic computer knowledge can quickly use the system with minimal training

  • easy to modify

  • Displays the latest news, events, discussions, birthdays, and vacation requests

User management

  • Search  for any user using the search bar

  • View profile of all users based on category

  • View/modify users' password and permissions

  • Assign permissions to users according to their functions

  • Allows the organization to set standards for different categories based on their responsibilities


  • add/edit/delete paths vehicles

  • Add destination and cost details

  • Add/modify/delete vehicle details

  • Get transportation details

  • Possibility to add transportation fees


  • Basic information about the educational institution can be added, which is reflected in the academic and financial reports

  • Comes with 21 different languages

  • Basic settings such as country, currency, time zone, etc. can be set

  • Add the school logo and display it on reports, receipts, and login screens

  • Other general settings such as enabling education system according to school requirements and registration number  automatic for all users 

  • Class and classroom management

  • Manage student transfer and graduation, and create transfer certificates

  • Management of major subjects including electives

  • Reproduction of material from previous chapters

  • Add custom fields to the admission form

  • Activate the SMS module

  • Automatic SMS Alerts

  • Setting SMS  to send to specific contact numbers for any actions

  • Send SMS to  user_single or groups or to all users

  • Manage student categories

  • Assigning class supervisors


  • Residential Administration

  • Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of accommodation

  • Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of rooms

  • Allocate rooms for students

  • Create a housing fee collection date

  • Housing fee collection department

  • Show defaulters

  • Payment of housing fees according to the student

  • Changing Rooms for students

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