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A smart phone application available on Android and IOS for all teachers, students and parents
The mobile application enables you to enjoy the advantage of having an application dedicated to your educational institution that facilitates the process of communication between the student, the teacher and the guardian.

Application with the name, logo and colors of your organization

Each organization will get their own app   with their organization logo as the app icon, organization name as the app name, and your favorite color   for the app.


Imagine a scenario, where you will have an app for your school on Android Play Store/iTunes Store, user (parent, student and teacher).

Yes, we are talking about an individual app for each organization once management decides to use the  mobile app. This   shows the school's interest and development.

The most used features in are   at your fingertips.

Send messages to students and parents, pay fees, take attendance, and request leave all right from your mobile phone.


With the app's comprehensive messaging platform, you can create a chatting app, as if your organization owns its own WhatsApp with more control over message delivery and the reply process.

Great Features for Educators and Administrators

View student information and class/batch details 

View student list, class schedule ,

See attendance record, andTeacher schedule,  Take attendance, send leave request and approve.

Everything you might need in your organization's mobile app

Communicate with parents via messages "WhatsApp for your organization"

Create an ad and everyone will get notifications

View and display events and the  events will notify you when any new event of interest is added via notifications

Great app for parents and students

Interact with teachers through messages


View your son/daughter's daily schedule  


Get notifications about exams, dues fees and other alerts as soon as they are announced


Parents can navigate the pages of their children  without having to log out of the app.

Lots of features to keep in touch with your organization

You will see  ads as soon as you receive the fees


View and pay fees online


Attendance details

One app for all users: teachers students and parents

Teachers can take attendance, Students can view schedule and exam dates, Parents can view their children's attendance and grades , Principal and Supervisor can send messages, announcements etc using the same app.

Available for iOS and Android users

Educators, parents and students can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple Store

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